White Botanical Rum - Welcome to Mad City!

White Botanical Rum - Welcome to Mad City!

This is Mad City. We’ve taken rum to new and extraordinary heights. More depth, more flavour, more complexity – everything’s amped up and elevated by our unique botanical blend. This isn’t a flavoured rum, or a spiced rum. It’s Mad City Botanical Rum.  A drinks-cabinet essential that works beautifully in all rum based cocktails. The label is pretty special too, it’s an original work of art created by urban artist Sled-One, inspired by the pulsating energy of Bristol’s Stokes Croft and St Paul’s areas. With its bold lines, vibrant colours and myriad details, it encapsulates the complexity, vibrancy and intrigue not just of Bristol, but of all the other Mad Cities across the globe. 

Don’t just take our word for it, Mad City has had some fantastic reviews, from those with a good nose, who have had a sneak peek!

Mad City Botanical Rum Reviews 

Bar Chick; “We can confirm it's wicked. Soft n velvety, with a bit of tropical fruit brightness giving way to warming spices, pecan nuts & vanilla. Pow.”

The Floating Rum Shack; “This feels like a genuine attempt to provide a cross over product for gin drinkers who fancy trying flavoured rums. I’ve not tried this with tonic yet. But I’d bet my bottom dollar it will work perfectly”

What are you waiting for, rum fans, cocktail lovers and curious drinkers, get your order in today and join our virtual tasting to explore Mad City’s depth, flavour and complexity. 

Instagram Live

Co-founder, James Oag-Cooper will explain how and why we’ve taken white rum to new and extraordinary heights, whilst brand ambassador Jake Goldstein will be your guide to enjoying Mad City to its full potential, with three, easy to recreate at home, Mad City cocktails. Just follow us @foxholespirits visit our Instagram profile and tap ‘watch live’ at 8pm Thursday July 23.

You can get your hands on a pre order of Mad City right now or a limited edition Mad City Botanical Rum + Mad City Open Edition Print Bundle by visiting our online store.

Mad City is the newest edition to the Foxhole Spirits family which specialises in the creation and production of high quality, premium spirits. We have a focus on using otherwise unused resources, promoting sustainability and creativity within the drinks industry. Distilling our knowledge and expertise to create handcrafted products that are beautifully unique, of the highest quality, honest to their origins and most importantly, exceptionally delicious.

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